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            Mechanical design engineer (salary 8K~20K)

            Job Responsibilities:

            1. According to the requirements, carry out the design and drawing of the engineering project's non-standard mechanical equipment drawings;

            2. Produce 2D engineering drawings and BOM of equipment;

            3. Participate in and guide equipment assembly and debugging, and provide technical support to the customer site when necessary;


            1. Bachelor degree or above; major in mechanical design and manufacturing or mechatronics;

            2. Proficiency in Solidworks, AutoCAD and other related design software and Office software;

            3. Proficient in mechanical design principles and the selection and application of common parts and components in automation;

            4. Have a good team spirit, be steadfast, diligent, meticulous in work, and have good communication skills;

            5. Experience in surface treatment equipment, industrial automation, robot integrated equipment design is preferred.

            Electrical engineer (salary 8K~20K)

            Job Responsibilities:

            1. Responsible for electrical and automation control system design, project site construction and management,

            2. Responsible for project electrical drawing design, PLC programming, HMI configuration software writing;

            3. Responsible for electrical installation, site commissioning and technical guidance;

            4. Assist in solving technical problems during production, on-site installation and commissioning;


            1. Bachelor degree or above; electrical, electrical automation, mechatronics and other related majors;

            3. Ability to independently complete the construction and installation of mechanical equipment, on-site commissioning, and handling of related technical issues;

            4. Familiar with mechanical design standards, and be proficient in using drawing software (such as CAD);

            5. Familiar with mainstream PLC and configuration software applications such as Mitsubishi and Siemens;

            6. Ability to independently complete the control cabinet design;

            7. Have a good team spirit and be responsible for the work.

            Liush Intelligent Equipment Co.Ltd.

            We will adhere to the business philosophy for " creating value for customers, acquiring benefits for employees, making contribution to society and creating benefits for the company "and make an effort to become an enterprise selected firstly by customers, praised by the society, supported by employees and respected by people.

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            Anhui Liush Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

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            Address: No. 18 Hongye Road, Susong County Industrial Park, Anhui Province

            Shenzhen Liush Technology Development Co., Ltd.

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            Suzhou Liush Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd.

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            Address: Room 2502, Building 1, Yuanrong Constellation Commercial Plaza, Suzhou Industrial Park

            Shenzhen Liush Robot Co., Ltd.

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            Address: 604 Room, A Building, Convention and Exhibition Bay Zhonggang Plaza,Fuhai Road, Baoan District, Shenzhen

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